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November 24, 2012


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The last Twilight movie led me to two conclusions and a question.
The first conclusion was that the movie had the lamest battle ever, or at least the lamest I can remember.
The second conclusion is that this film is not worth the money to see it in theaters. If you want to see it, watch it via other means or wait until the DVD/Blue-Ray comes out.
The question was whether the films are more or less racist than the books.

Originally I only wanted to write about the question but since I now saw that even many Twiharts had no actual problem with the battle per se respectively that it was what made the film good or better in some cases, I decided to do this nonetheless. Because, quite frankly, I don't understand it and if you ask me the battle is both lame and a proof that the director (or whoever had the idea) did not do a good job for whatever reason. Also that Twilight is crap, but I guess you know that opinion of mine already.
Seriously, for that battle alone several rules prior established in this film and the previous ones had to be ignored and that is about the worst as it gets. If you have to break your rules to make something "exciting" you are not a good writer.

And in case any of my watchers should think less of me for watching it, two thinks first:
1) Just as with the books I watched it out of pure curiosity on what there is about this that attracts so many people (still don't understand it).
2) I didn't pay any money, so don't worry I wasn't rewarding Meyer and the producers in any way.

Just in case any of my readers want to watch the movie: SPOILER ALARM!!!!

Now regarding the battle I must say that it is one big inconsistency even when you just take the films and ignore the books (hereafter I will only refer to the films and not the books because then the battle would be even more ridiculous). Also the two most important points come first, the rest later (they are mostly side inconsistencies anyway).

First the whole battle was only a vision the vampire Alice was showing to Aro, the leader of the "bad and villainous" Volturi. I put that in quotes because quite frankly they are rather like stereotypical comic book villains. And here it starts already. In New Moon it was clearly stated by Alice that when the werewolves are there she cannot see the future, that was why she thought Bella was dead, since Jacob was with her all the time and so Alice could no longer see her after the jump from the cliff.
Now during this whole vision the werewolves were all over the place, so Alice should not have seen anything at all, the whole battle should have been blank. Actually in New Moon (after Bella's "death") Aro touched Alice and as such he would have known that also and any halfway smart person would have thought of that. In either case it makes no sense and as such the whole thing and its aftermath are a complete inconsistency and downright rule break.
Because either way Alice could not have seen anything and if she had "shown" Aro a "battle" he should have at least guessed that it was a trick.

The second reeallllyyyyy big flaw of it all was regarding the level of power on both sides. The numbers were more or less evenly matched and even if not it would come down to the special powers of the members anyway. And here is the dilemma:
The Volturi had Aro, Jane and Alec who were stated to have special powers in the movies.
Aro is someone who with one touch could absorb all the knowledge someone ever had. Well a powerful gift no doubt, but not one really useful in a battle. So let's go to the over ones.
Jane can induce excruciating pain in her opponent simply by looking at them, in the films she often utters the word "pain" but that is not necessary, as shown several times over the course of the films. While she can only incapacitate one opponent at a time it is still a talent that would be useful during a fight, as was shown in the fight. However the only one with big fighting power is Alec.
Alec can produce black smoke from his hands that can incapacitate opponents by literally stealing them of their senses, no vision, no smell, hearing, touch etc. And unlike his sister he can incapacitate several enemies at once.

Well that might sound like a powerful force and normally it would be, but let's look at the other side of the "battle:" the Cullens and company.

At first we have our "beloved" Edward, who can read all the thoughts around him. In theory it could be confusing during battles, but since he had been around in crowds time and again he would be used to this and therefore could foresee most moves of the enemy.
Now from Edward we go to Bella, the "heroine," her shielding power is a rather passive force and not really that useful against physical attacks, but it is able to render any sort of mental attack powerless as long as the attackers are outside of the dome Bella creates with her power, once Bella is distracted, they apparently can use their talents (a strategy used only once during the fight, a pretty stupid move). But still it could give the Cullens and company valuable time.
Now from Bella we go to her "best friend" Alice. As stated she can see the future and although it could have the same weakness as Edwards mind-reading it would still be useful to foresee attacks.
And from her we go to Jasper, his power of influencing emotions could also be used to make enemies more unfocused and therefore more vulnerable to attack. And considered that he is literally battle trained that would be logical to assume.

So, so far we have 2 for the Volturi and 4 for the Cullens. Hm, doesn't really look as though the Cullens and company wouldn't have a chance doesn't it?
But it gets better, because we haven't looked at the newcomers yet.
Let's start with one of the blond Denali vampires, I forgot her name, but she was able to generate a sort of electric shock (basically a mental gift as well) via her hands, one that she is able to produce all over her body and that is always strongest on her hands. She has to touch an enemy but it still is a useful talent for a battle; possible affecting many enemies at once should they touch her, so she is at a similar level as Jane.
So we are at 5 for the Cullens.
The next one would be one of the "Amazons" (that's probably Meyers word for "Amazonian") who is able to create mass illusions that are extremely detailed and realistic and also robs others of their ability to realize what is happening around them, something she used more than once in the movie prior to the battle, and so she is actually on par with Alec, possibly even more powerful since her powers could be used for all sorts of tactics while Alec's sole power is incapacitation.
So actually even with only these two you would already have good matches against Jane and Alec. But it gets better.
That one Egyptian vampire was shown to be able to control water, air and fire prior to the battle. In the battle he was also shown to be able to manipulate earth. In either case fire was portrayed as a potent weapon against vampires on this show and this leads me to what bugged me the most in this film:

The mentioned Amazon never once uses her powers during battle, and actually neither did Alec, not even when the battle was in full force. One could argue that both might have done it so that they wouldn't affect allies. Seems logical… at first sight, but both where shown in the movie to be able to control their powers and only affect certain people, at least there was nothing to suggest otherwise, only that they should theoretically be able to.
But the really best part is the Egyptian vampire. One could argue that his powers are not strong enough and that only fire is useful against a vampire. However his power to control wind and water would be useful in at least blinding opponents even if water in all its forms and wind would not be very useful against stone hard vampires. And it was shown earlier in the movie that he could not only control a small pool of water, he was shown to hurl small flames when lighting wood for a bonfire. However if anybody is not convinced that he should have been able to wipe out at the very least a good portion of the Volturi forces consider two things:
1) Three times in the movie prior to the battle vision it was shown how fire affects vampires and each time they burned faster than straw (seriously when Jane tossed that immortal child into the flames it nearly seemed to explode and considered how strong even a child like that would be as a vampire it should have been able to at least jump out of the flames).
2) During the fight he was shown to punch the earth, causing the snow and the earth to split so deep that even lava was shown and several figures (albeit none of the Cullens of course) fell into the pit, although it's doubtful that it would have been deep enough to already reveal lava.
As a matter of fact he and the Amazon together could just have killed all the Volturi. The Amazon would have created illusions to rob the vampires of their vision and then the Egyptian either traps them first by creating some stone wall or hurl fireballs at them right away. Maybe Bella would have needed to erect her shield to protect them from mental attacks. But Jane would not have been able to see anything and if Alex had used his power without seeing the target he would have ended up doing the Cullens' work for them be incapacitating all the Volturi around him.

So under the line it would be:
Volturi: 2 vampires with fighting powers
Cullens: 7 vampires with fighting powers
And at the very, really very, least the Cullens had one big powerhouse at their hands, so there is no way a battle like that would even come to be.
There is no way the Cullens could ever loose, not one bit. And when Aro touched Edward to read his memories he would have known what all of them can do, so it makes no sense to attack out right. This whole battle was just, to quote Penn Juliet, "BULLSHIT!!!!!

Now these were the two big flaws of the battle, the rest are minor ones but equally inconsistent with what the films had shown prior. If anybody wants to read this he/she can, if not, you won't lose anything. There might have been more flaws but these are the once I noticed.

Carlisle was always level-headed, for him to just rush into a confrontation with Aro that gets him killed is totally out of character.

Alec distracted Bella so Jane could use her powers against Jasper, instead of the other way around. Also despite being the Volturi's prime weapons neither of the twins seemed to have been an actual prime target of attack.

Jacob, while fleeing with Renesmee (the vampire-human hybrid daughter of Bella and Edward) was able to behead a vampire in mere seconds while still having Renesmee on his back despite the fact that vampires are physically stronger than a single werewolf and technically a wolf form is not very flexible.

When Esmee (the mother vampire) was attacked by one of the Volturi she nearly fell into the pit and was only able to hold on to the edge of the cliff, with her attacker holding on to her. She was only saved because Leah in wolf form jumped at the vampire and made him lose grip of Esmee. This led to Leah and the vampire (and one or two others) falling into the pit down into the lava. Now this is inconsistent for at least three reasons:
1) Esmee is a vampire; she should have been able to just pull herself up even if that other vamp was hanging on to her. The only reason for that to make sense would be if vampires where much heavier, but this can't be because it was never shown anywhere, for them to be that heavy that Esmee could not have pulled herself up they would be so heavy they would crash through all floors above ground level, and they definitely would not be able to toss themselves around and jump as high, run fast etc. like it was shown in all the movies.
2) Why should Leah come to Esmee's rescue? She was never friends with the vampires, unlike her brother. And speaking of him, he had just died because of all this (killed by Jane and some random Volturi), so why would she chose to save Esmee? Personally I think the reason is the films racism but I get to that in my next journal entry. So it is completely out of character for her to act this way.
3) Later on Edward was shown to jump out of the pit by jumping from one of the rocks after grabbing to the, why couldn't the other vamp, or better other vamps since many fell into that, do the same?

When confronted with Jasper Jane was able to incapacitate him with her powers immediately, but when Alice attacked her she didn't even try to use it except once when Bella protected Alice, interestingly none of the Volturi actually tried to kill her at the moment, or at least incapacitate her, despite being such an easy target (seriously she had no protection whatsoever). And both didn't run faster than normal humans (all in all most combatants in the fight should have moved faster).
The same with Alec prior to this, despite going against Emmet, a foe of superior strength, there was no hint of Alec using his powers and Emmet was definitely not protected.
And one thing, Alice apparently kept Jane from using her powers again by squeezing her throat. Small problem: the vampires in this universe don't breathe air. It was shown in the film. Jane also didn't use it against Sam. And none of the Volturi tried to save her.

The two Romanians where shown to kill one Volturi after another, but they couldn't even scratch Marcus? Or however the melancholic looking Volturi was called.

Aro was able to push Bella back in a direct fight. While it was shown in the previous movie that Newborns like Bella are very strong but nonetheless defeatable by not attacking them directly (albeit that rules was already broken) because of their bloodthirsty and savage nature, Bella was shown to be in complete control of her emotions by the time of the battle and so would be a much more dangerous foe and physically superior to Aro.
As a matter of fact she should have been able to rip off his head much faster, but apparently during the whole fight she wasn't any stronger than the other vampires.
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jylerforever19 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
I haven't seen the last movie and probably won't until it comes out on dvd. Bella is way to control of her emotions cause she one facial expression 90% in every single movie. Way before the movies, I was introduced to the first book in middle school by a friend and I had fallen in love with it cause I didn't know better and hadn't come across TVD book series. TVD book series is probably better in my opinion than the show. Though I'm not caught up on those. Don't really have a urge to pay fifteen bucks for it lol I can imagine by the trailer how lame the fighting was in Breaking Dawn Part 2. I'm guessing pedophile Jacob and some of the other wolves are also fighting in it. ;) What I hate about Twilight is that they make the main character female like this freaking powerful being that can do anything just like Elena in TVD. Bella can control her vampire blood lust and whatnot and isn't affected by Jane's mind power thingy and Edward couldn't read her mind as a human either. Elena is the same thing as a vampire. I'd like to remind Edward, Damon and Stefan that there's more women in the world. You'll save the world a lot of migraines.
Asanbonsam Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
Well yes, they are in the fight, as mentioned in my entry. That is because the vision was one giant rule break.

Sadly most members of the TVD viewer community seem to be content with just the lame main three. No idea why.
Viergacht Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Professional General Artist
It's just a terrible, terrible movie based on a terrible, terrible book.
Asanbonsam Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
I've seen worse, but its really not good. The book alone had a far too high Mary Sue factor. Had Meyer been smart she could have written five books instead of four, simply by refusing to make Bella a special Newborn. That pissed many fans off.
Hyrotrioskjan Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Professional General Artist
Du sprichst mir mal wieder aus der Seele :thumbsup:
Asanbonsam Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
Ach, hast du es gesehen?
Hyrotrioskjan Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
Ne, aber das wenige Bilmaterial was mir untergekommen ist ließ mich sehr schnell zu dem Schluss kommen das ich doch lieber bis zum kleinen Hobbit warte, wenn ich Geld an der Kinokasse zurücklassen möchte.
Asanbonsam Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Das ist auch richtig so ;)
Hyrotrioskjan Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
find ich auch :B =)
Asanbonsam Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Zumindest kommt der Hobbit nur in drei Teilen.
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