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Dinok'giy by Asanbonsam Dinok'giy by Asanbonsam
I came to this design when seeing a picture of DC's Man-Bat and used it for my Dinariguno. These Flying Fox shifters are mostly located in Indonesia and transform into either these rabid man-bats, humans or large flying foxes (Pteropus vampyrus).
They are inspired by both the Ropen cryptid of New Guinea as well as the Orang bunian. The Orang bunian (pronounced "BOO-nee-ahn") are supernatural beings in Malay folklore, invisible to most humans except those with spiritual sight. While the term is often wrongly translated as "elves", it actually means "hidden people" or "whistling people". Their appearance is nearly identical to humans dressed in ancient Southeast Asian style. They are sometimes said to lack a philtrum, but are always extremely beautiful. Modern depictions deviate considerably from the traditional view, and are increasingly elf-like. It is now common in popular culture to see bunian depicted as having pointed ears, high fantasy-influenced attire, or dressed in modern Malay-Muslim clothing.
For these shifters I simply made it so that they use this trend to appear more often in near-human form, which has slightly pointed ears. But either way, they are only inspired by the Orang bunian, they are not them. These beings, while still quite pretty in human form and technically shifting into fruit bats, are quite... let's say energetic.
NeoTiamat99 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
Love these sketches.
MissIp Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
excellent work love the angel and posture
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